Representative keepers

I could “claim” a lot more keepers that have been coached at club level also but the list below has only young keepers that have had a length of time at CHGK.  Minimum is 6 months but most have been with  us 2 – 4 years.

Australian young Socceroo Joeys – Jamie Signorello

Australian schoolboys – Rian Del Nido

Australian Schoolgirls – Erin Murphy

Australian AWD national Futsal team – Xavier White

NTC: The following were Skilleroo /STIC keepers also)  Ryan Borzillo. Jayden Spruyt. Travis Brookes. Luca Meggetto. Jamie Signorello. Mitchell Higgins(Pulled out). Brodie Galletti (Pulled Out). Rian Del Nido. Erin Murphy. Amy Benton. Jackson O’Donnell. Joseph Ruggerio. Jack Bloxsome.

Adelaide Utd Youth – Isaac Carmody/Luca Meggetto

Adelaide Utd U/13 Scholarship squad – 2009 – Jackson O’Donnell/Nathaniel Temby.

Skilleroo/SIP keepers (State team or state team squad keepers – Top 8 in age group in SA. Below were STIC keepers also.)

Lewis Cleland.Bailey Aistrope. Charlie Linidarkis.Christian Kuna. Luca Meggetto. Rian Del Nido. Erin Murphy. Stefan Wilner. Lachlan Fusco. Hunter Strudwick. Isiah Mount. Jamie Signorello. Mitchell Higgins. Declan Burchell. Travis Brookes. Brodie Galletti. Nathaniel Temby. Joseph Ruggerio. Mark Ellis. Josh Warner. Aston Ferdinands. Vassillios Tryfopolous. Henry Preen. Liam Stapleton. Billy Christie. Richard Goss. Cody Lewis. Nathaniel Temby. Bobby Bilney. Ben Dalwood. Ben Jackson. Ricky Monseraat.

STIC (State team identification championships)

Cosmo Groff. Tom Hughes. Nicholas Wooley. Henry Page. Brayden Andermahr. Liam Doolin. Jordan Findlay. Nicholas Devlin. Bobby Bilney. Ryan Lavender. Nicholas Karinovic. Hamish Lewis. Ky Clermont. Nino Bagnato. Joey Bagnato. Daniel Evans. Matt Furina. Travis Delfos. Ben Tran. Nick Scalzi. Deegan Nicholas. Billy Rampling. Aaron Rullo. Noah Beddow. Hayden Beddow. Ben Tran. Luca Altamura. Emily Gale. Matt Duncan. Henry Page. Harry Dillon. Thomas Di Maria. Matt Duncan.

FSA – Futsal state teams for national Futsal championships.

Tom Hughes. Stefan Wilner. Mitchell Higgins. Joey Bagnato. Declan Burchell. Nicholas Scalzi. Hunter Strudwick. Jamie Signorello. Brayden Andermahr. Rian Del Nido. Lachlan Fusco. Stefan Wilner. Finn Murphy. Erin Murphy.Nicholas Devlin. Nicholas Wooley. Jack Bates-Brownsword. Henry Page. Bailey Aistrope. Charlie Linidarkis. James Gray. Noah Menillo. Jack Cavallaro. Luke Stacey. Liem O’Donahue. Sam Crouch. Seb Zajackowski. Nicholas Devlin. Julian kowalczyk.  Alessio Ruggerio. Xavier White. Emily Gale. Luca Altamura. Christian Auciello. Ethan Criaris